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Being The New Guy: How we used video to make a big first impression.

12AprBeing The New Guy: How we used video to make a big first impression.





Over the past few months, we have developed a fantastic partnership with the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.  When our team meet with a new client, we are always keen to know -  what is your story?  

Every business has their own unique message to communicate and we believe that when done right, video is the best way to share that with your audience. The key to making a successful video is to entertain and inform. Your audience want to be told a story, our job is to make sure that story is told in the best way possible.

Our journey with UMW started out as a really open discussion about their objectives. When a company or organization approaches us, they sometimes already have a firm idea of what they’re looking for. As a specialist Creative Agency working with video, we are used to working to a tight brief - our favourite projects however, have always stemmed from a more open collaboration between both parties. UMW were bold, creative and embraced new ideas for content, which was a win/win for everyone involved.  


‘Working with Enterprise Screen was like a breath of fresh air. The team was super professional, highly creative and true experts in Filmmaking. As an Art Director, what I appreciated the most was sharing an idea with them and then seeing a perfect visual articulation of that thought.'

Maria Shultz, UMW Art Director


UMW were fully aware that they had an amazing asset in the shape of newly appointed President, Troy Paino. It was clear from the beginning that he had an energy and charisma that spoke to our target audience, and translated well on camera -  our concept for ‘The New Guy’ was born. Our biggest challenge was to take existing recognition of him and bring it into a new format,  developing more than just a flash video.  We were taking a positive, strong video presence and helping it to mature into a brand.  The only way to do this was with a full series approach- not a stand-alone video, not a viral bit of fun - content, creativity and audience-specific messaging.   

With ‘The New Guy’, we wanted to create a series that covered a lot of ground in an engaging format that viewers could become familiar with.  It has a fun, repetitive opening title sequence that is kept fresh with different cuts.  The messaging throughout is on brand but doesn’t take itself too seriously. The real magic was to be found in the episodes themselves, where we believe there is content that can be repurposed and has a lifespan beyond its launch date. As a creative business,  we want to produce a product that is versatile and in this case, can also be used for events, social media, for CMS delivery and for audiences that reach beyond our initial targets: potential students, their parents, alumni and businesses.  As a series, the project offers more than just one batch of statistics.  It presents the marketing and communications team with a huge capture of analytics, data and audience reactions.  And for us, this is perhaps the most important aspect in creating a series- it helps to develop the platform and methodologies for future video.   

Our Executive Director Jamie Smith had this to say on the project:

‘The New Guy is a series of fun and provides genuine insight into the life that UMW offers- for students, for staff, for supporters and for the community.  It is authentic and easy to engage with, and while it is only the beginning of this new and exciting content, it sets the bar for what can be achieved with this fantastic team.’


Working with UMW on #TheNewGuy was a perfect project for us, and allowed us to show what our company can do with video for your brand.  What stood out is the willingness from UMW to be creative and to take risks, engaging audiences with the focus away from traditional marketing tactics.  For us, a good idea is about storytelling, authenticity and engagement with people.  Ultimately, we want our videos to succeed- to impact on our client’s goals and objectives and to provide RoI (return on investment).  So, after a few days in the public domain, how has The New Guy been performing?


Erika Spivey, UMW’s Assistant Director for Marketing has planned the roll-out across social media:  


“Be bold. A two-word direction that our team was able to turn into a vibrant social and digital campaign that has not only engaged our alumni and students but tells the Mary Washington story in a unique way.  The initial launch video has been one of our most successful organic posts and has already started to impact our social media profile.  We are committed to producing great content for our audience.”

Working with the University Relations team allowed Enterprise Screen to really bring the best of our capabilities together and was a truly collaborative project on all levels.  It was always clear, right from the first meeting that UMW has such an asset in the new President and we had no doubt that the finished product would not only reflect on his amazing abilities as a communicator on camera but also on what the university offers as a great place to learn and live.  

You can view the entire series HERE


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