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Staff Profile- Timmy Caish

06DecStaff Profile- Timmy Caish

Genuine, Determined, Open-minded


Timothy, AKA Timmy, represents a fantastic leap into the incredible world of apps and interactive development for us.  A natural progression and fit for the offerings of Enterprise Screen, Timmy brings a unique new perspective on our communications work with global clients.  We're making apps that will entertain, engage, inform and sometimes baffle. So, we're in good company.    


As a man with a lot going on, Timmy balances both a complicated professional life with an inspiring love of learning and development.  As an associate member of our team he is also a student at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va,(Computer Science, obvs) as well as interning as a Software Engineer with the CSRA at the US base in Dahlgren.  He knows things.  


While he may sound like a real tech geek, it's not all true.  He is sporting a fairly useful beard currently and if he's not cuffed to his computer, he's playing music on his banjo or guitar. A relative newcomer to the 4-string strumming on the banjo  (2 years now), he aspires to delivering the kind of country-music soundtrack we've all come to movies set in the deep south!  "When I play banjo, it doesn't matter if I've had a bad or good day, I always end up with a smile on my face and a skip to my step!". 


Timmy, we salute you... 



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