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Fredericksburg Chamber Seasonal Exclusive

05DecFredericksburg Chamber Seasonal Exclusive

A special Seasonal offer for Fredericksburg Chamber members! 

We all know that video is fast becoming the most essential component for marketing and communications.  At Enterprise Screen, we've been on message for over 11 years now and there's never been a better time to get your video updated and out there. 

We are offering a Half day with our experience crew and creatives to get the best messaging out there in video- it doesn't have to be complicated but it has to work.  Our team will work with you to plan and deliver the best possible video for your business.  So many of our clients come to us with an excited realization that they need video.  The first thing we always ask is "why?".  Why do you need a video- what are you goals, what do you want to achieve, what's working now, what's not working!  Then we can really set out the best way to target your audience.  From a simple and cost-effective Facebook campaign to a more complex and ongoing social media and TV distribution. 

Whereever your campaign sits, it all begins with the right production- the right video needs professional planning and delivery.  So, with a half day of filming time for FREE, there's a lot we can do to get you started. 

This offer is exclusively available in January 2017 only- you need to use your filming where we have availability with our crew and kit and you will need to work with us on a more detailed quote for post-production editing.  All offers are subject to additional costs.  Want to know more? Talk to us today and find our how video can start generating the right results for your business.  



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