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November promo

01NovNovember promo

The best thing you can ever do with video is to plan.  At Enterprise Screen, we are the biggest believers in planning and setting objectives with all of the video we make- it is only with these essential components that video can really become something of value to your business or to your customers. 


$1,000 of Video


We want to give you time to plan and also give you something to help you work with us.  That’s why we are offering all registered companies $1,000 of video production to use with us between now and the end of January 2017.  And there’s no minimum purchase either, so it’s up to you how you use it. 


How does it work? 

We are keen to help everyone experience our unique approach to video- we don’t just point the cameras and then give you back a video.  We are a video communications agency that thinks and acts differently- we want to understand you, your customers and build a profile of how your audiences interact with your messaging.  Then we want to give them what they want and deliver your message in the most engaging and effective video possible.  

You can use $1,000 of our time for anything within our service range- from coming up with campaigns, analysing your current content, creating a shot list and storyboard all the way through to getting our camera and crew out to capture some images and creating something special.  And it doesn’t stop there, you can use it for post production editing.  Getting some really useful, creative video from footage you already have with our editing support.  Anything you want within our service range, just ask.  If we can do it for the $1000 coupon, there’s nothing more to pay.  If you want to use it towards something more substantial then that’s ok too- it’s $1000 of real money and real time.


We are happy to share with you our production rates and example projects with costs included.  Just register your interest and get in touch- we can help you create great video.

Let us be part of your vision. 






Contact us now. 


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