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Creative video production in Ohio? We are the right choice.

08MarCreative video production in Ohio? We are the right choice.


Producing great video is easy when you have the right people making your content. Creative video production is a skill and working with the right production company is vital. But these days we all have a smartphone in our pocket, are we not all video producers? How hard can it be?

There is some truth in this. The right smartphone in the right hands can produce incredible results. But that’s the key - the right hands. Making video is now an essential skill for most communicators. It is needed for jobs in sales, communications, HR, and investing. In the wrong hands, however, video can be a disaster!

We’ve all seen it - the HR boss films an interview on his phone, the background is a wall. The comms director drags everyone outside to half-heartedly shout something about a new charity event. The talking head presentation video that just goes on and on and on…There are hundreds of examples of bad video!

However, good video works - everyone loves it and everyone watches it! If you want to get it right you use the right tools, the right processes and ultimately, the right people. Even if you work on a part of the production yourself, it pays to get the right skills to complete your project.

At Enterprise Screen Video Communications, we have over 20 years experience. We can work with you and your team to get the best video, at the best price, and deliver the best results. ROI is what matters to us - the right return on your investment. Whether it is audience development, sales, staff messaging, HR or investor relations, you tell us your objective and we make it come alive!



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