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Setting the scale

16DecSetting the scale

Setting the right scale for your video production is really important

Here at Enterprise Screen we know that getting the scale of a production just right is very important to our clients. It wouldn’t be appropriate to turn up at a care home or a hospice with truckloads of equipment and a large crew. Equally a single camera operator with an assistant will never be enough to deliver the production value required for a high concept television commercial.

While other companies might try to use a one-size-fits-all approach to filming, at Enterprise Screen we believe that each project is unique and requires an individual approach. We take great care to understand your requirements, not just for the finished video but also for the filming process itself. Often we're asked to film in a client's workspace or interview staff members and we strive to have a minimal impact on your business or organization while still getting the great content you require. We won’t take up your time with unnecessarily long interview setups and we won't disrupt your work day if you don't want us to.

On the flip side, if you’re shooting something that requires things to be done on a larger scale we’ll be more than happy to accommodate. Do you have a large event that needs five cameras and a live video feed? We can cover it. How about you require aerial footage of beautiful landscapes? Not a problem. Or a twenty foot crane to swing the camera out over a crowd? We’re your people. Need a cast of dozens to perform a complex dance routine? We might need find someone to choreograph everything but we can definitely handle it.  

So whether you need a team with a small footprint to conduct interviews in your office or if you plan to dominate the airwaves with a major advertising campaign rest assured the Enterprise Screen team can deliver whatever your organization needs.


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