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Celebrating Manufacturing

09OctCelebrating Manufacturing

Why we should celebrate manufacturing

This week has been a busy one.  Lots of new projects and lots of projects completing with the usual excitement and madness of hitting a deadline.  To make it more interesting we have hosted a young student from a local high school on a work placement.  Richard joined us on Monday and has had a full week too! 

When a young person undertakes some work experience with us it is really important that they get just that- experience.  We like to make them part of the team and to really challenge them where possible- and that brought Richard his project for the week.  Yes he got to go out on commercial shoots and be part of the editing process and to be part of the creative process but, like all of the team in here, he had a project he was leading to conclusion.

It all began with an initial discussion early on Monday (after the tedium of the induction paperwork and health and safety, important though it is!).  We were talking about our work- it was a broad strokes overview and led us to look at the corporate sector in particular.  It was in this discussion that we talked about manufacturing.  That sector is so important- we know that this sector is key to our success but there was more to it.  As we began to explore what we do for the manufacturing sector we began to see manufacturing all around us.

From the keyboard I am typing on and all of the components that make it work, to the chair, the light, the desk, the carpet….everything is manufactured.  For me there was a moment of enlightenment that followed.  It was Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations that came to mind:

The greatest improvement in the productive power of labour, and the greater part of the skill, dexterity, and judgment with which it is anywhere directed, or applied, seems to have been the effects of the division of labour.  The effects of the division of labour, in the general business of society, will be more easily understood, by considering in what manner it operates in some particular manufactures.”  

Adam Smith thought of the pins.  I am thinking of the desk, the chairs, the phones the watches the shoes…but what that leads me back to is the people.  The people that conceive the ideas; the people that design the processes; the people that work the lines and the people that find the next thing to make.  Manufacturing is about people- it exists because of people and our insatiable human desire to have items to consume, to use to make our lives better, healthier…more fun! 

Richard has been a part of our process this week, he has been one of the team to work on a number of projects and he has played his part.  He has also led the creation of this short film and brought the team into this process.  We are proud to share it with you and if you look carefully, you might just see Richard make a little Hitchcock cameo!  

It’s Friday and we are celebrating! We are celebrating manufacturing, we are celebrating people and we are celebrating the stuff that we all love.  Every minute of every day manufacturing is taking place around the globe.  Manufacturing people, we salute you!

(and well done to Richard for a super wee film using some of our existing footage and some creative skills!) 




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