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Staff Profile- Lisa Babington

31JulStaff Profile- Lisa Babington

Responsive, Proactive, Intuitive

Lisa is a professional communicator with over 25 years leading her field in corporate communications.  She specializes in connecting audiences to the mission and objectives of the organization - with the right style, the right branding and the right messaging.

She has partnered with Enterprise Screen since 2014 to deliver a substantial range of internal and external video products with Owens-Illinois, Inc.  In her new role she combines managing and delivering video projects with communications support for clients across the world.  This gives us a unique advantage in our service delivery- matching corporate aims and objectives with video delivery is a key skill and clients are benefitting from her experience, attention to detail and her responsive and creative abilities.

You will be lucky to work with Lisa- she will complement your team and help to integrate Enterprise Screen services with your entire organization.   

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