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TV Advertising. It might surprise you but it works!

03JunTV Advertising. It might surprise you but it works!

For 10 years now we have been making professional video and in that time we have seen such enormous changes.  Video is now everywhere and does everything- it is the universal medium of communication that reaches beyond simple words.  But we want it to work.  By this we mean, we want it to achieve the results our clients are seeking.  Enterprise Screen TV Advertising has a proven track record with a diverse range of clients.  Combine this with a managed online campaign and you have 2 of the most powerful tools for getting your message out there.  The Scottish seaside town of Largs is a great example of what can be done with a modest budget and smart campaign.

Sometimes with video, it is simply a case of working creatively to make a story come to life- celebrating an achievement, sharing a message.  Other times it is about driving a new product or service- complex videos that do more than just advertise.  Then there’s right-to-the-point advertising- short bursts of carefully managed media that targets your audience with messages that drive sales and customer engagement.

Our business is diverse but we use the same principles to guide us making short form or longer form videos.  It has to be engaging, there has to be narrative storytelling and there has to be something to see that excites the eye.  It is a journey that we undertake every day with clients from all sectors.  This is really a journey- making a film is about so much more than the final scenes you see.  We see it a little like bringing together the best meal you can imagine with the ingredients we have to work with.

We love it when it works.  This week saw the launch of our TV advertising campaign for a beautiful, old seaside town in Scotland.  A town with a great, historical tourist industry- famous for its days out: fish and chips, sun and sand, ice-creams, seafood, afternoon tea, party nights and days and hosting classic family holidays.  Over the years Largs was synonymous with the mass summer exodus from Scotland’s industrial cities on the west coast and beyond.  Like many of these destinations (worldwide and throughout the UK), things have changed over the years.  Families and friends can head further afield for their seaside fix. 

But Largs has sought to change with the times too.  They just needed to tell people about it.  Our campaign for Explore Largs was 6 months in the planning- careful understanding of the unique requirements of the partnership of businesses that wanted to build Largs as a modern destination along with a sensitive appreciation of the real USPs of the town.  Careful management of treasured memories from the audience and a careful balancing of new and nostalgic references had to be paramount.  And this is what we have created- adding some clear direction to the already established “explore Largs” brand.  The visuals say it all “remember, rediscover…explore Largs”.  The audience have been responding.  In the opening event of the year, the Largs Food Festival, numbers have exceeded even the most optimistic of aspirations. 

The audience are talking about Largs, the audience are going to Largs and the businesses are seeing an increased level of footfall.  That’s the target, that’s the ambition and for us, that’s the result. 

The team are Largs are committed, enthusiastic and excited about what they have to offer.  Put this together with a great series of ads and some targeted slots across the network and something magical happens:

"We wanted to raise awareness of Largs as a destination for day visits or short breaks. And we also wanted to invoke feelings of nostalgia amongst parents in west central Scotland about what they did when they came to Largs as kids, to encourage them to return with their own children. Enterprise Screen's response was spot on, capturing iconic scenes and activities which Largs is famous for. The camera work was first class, and the value for money of the finished ad. was excellent." John Hamilton, Explore Largs

Let’s keep surprising people with great ads and great campaigns.




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