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Production insight: No two days are the same

20NovProduction insight: No two days are the same

Fergus Cruickshank has been part of the Enterprise Screen team since the summer of 2014 and works across the full range of services in video production- covering both filming and editing tasks for our clients.  In this short article, Fergus gives an insight to working within our expanding team.


With every day that passes new and interesting challenges arise at Enterprise Screen Productions.  The job is varied and constantly requires initiative and a responsive nature: one moment I could be sensitively assembling the edit for a serious emotional documentary covering terminal illness and the next I could be finalising a creative and fast-paced trailer for a Roald Dahl classic!


The ability to jump into a new project, wrapping your head around the core idea and producing a quality product efficiently in a short time frame is a valuable skill that I have learned at Enterprise Screen- it is part of the very core of this company.  The client and their message is something we all care about- you could say it’s our passion.  Every project is managed with the same attention and creativity but we are always keeping them spinning in a complex production schedule making sure things come out on time and looking right.


In production, I relish the challenges of lighting and framing-up interviews in busy locations and have had some great experiences over the past few months.  It can be a busy new Tesco; a bustling university campus; a ship out in the firth of may be a cliché but it’s true here: no two days are the same.  For me, that is truly inspiring. 


As an art school graduate I live for the creativity that this role offers, whether it is capturing beauty shots to bring a project to life or creating new exciting animations for videos that hit a narrative message home.  It is this combination of challenges and creativity that make Enterprise Screen Productions a rewarding place to work.  One of my favourite films we have created in the past few months is below- I hope you like it

too.  This film for Tesco is a heartfelt story of a woman making her return to work to build a better life for her son.  It may be a corporate film but it is the human aspect that shines through- the narrative storytelling is strong and and it is a genuine and emotional short film. 




You can read more about Fergus and his work by checking out his blog


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