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Health and Safety- the right message with video

04AugHealth and Safety- the right message with video

Video can make your audience engage

We all know that Health and Safety is something that is vital in the workplace.  It is also a topic that, for many reasons, is not always the most interesting or dynamic area to offer training and development in.  Staff need to understand Health and Safety and so keeping training engaging, relevant and interesting needs to be a key feature. 

Our work with MITIE has helped them to deliver a range of materials that allow them to communicate effectively with their staff and sub-contractors.  Video that is always relevant and always engaging- giving them the information they need to be safer at work and returning home safe at the end of each shift. 

A range of key presentations and lectures was covered with professional integration of slides and graphics.  In addition, interviews with the live audience and presenters brought a more personal style to these sections.  All of this allowed audiences to access the training and information in a time and manner that suited them- tablets, phones, laptops and from locations that gave flexibility and accessibility. 

This method of creating training and information packs helps staff to ensure they are kept up to date and part of the process.  Health and Safety is a subject that can be brought to life with video- keeping scenarios real and the reality compelling. 


You can view the MITIE Health and Safety over view below:  Work Safe: Home Safe. 



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