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Glasgow- a vision to behold!

28JulGlasgow- a vision to behold!

Glasgow has been looking pretty good in video over the past week- the sun has shone, the events have been spectacular and the people entertaining and welcoming.  Making your mark with global communications is so much better with video! 

You can't escape Glasgow at the moment- if you're in the city, near the city, traveling to or around the city, it's everywhere.  The spectacle of the 20th Commonwealth Games has perhaps taken some of us by surprise.  While it has been a challenge for some businesses, it really can't be missed that the opportunity to capitalise on our local, national and now global recognition is now very much on the agenda. 

At Enterprise Screen we have been delighted to speak to our clients from Glasgow that are taking their brand and connection to the city to a global audience.  This is including corporate communications, Business to Business sales as well as business to consumer.  And the web is just perfect for distribution- easy, accessible, fun and stylish, all made better with some stunning video. 

Over the past few weeks we have been delighted to work with brands of all sizes- taking their message to broadcast, online, in schools and hospitals, in corridors and is everywhere. 

You know the old saying "make hay while the sun shines!"'s so true.  Let's make hay (or at least a video about making hay) together and get your message out to the world...from Glasgow...Motherwell...Barry Budden...Edinburgh...Govan...Finnieston...  Let us be part of your vision with some great video. 


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