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Glasgow Advertising Agency- make an impact with video

06MayGlasgow Advertising Agency- make an impact with video

Power of Attorney Campaign Starts the Conversation

Many people will have undoubtedly started their Power of Attorney conversations as a result of the successful Power of Attorey campaign delivered for the NHS and Glasgow City Council.

Figures for the STV campaign have shown the impact has been considerable with millions of viewers seeing the ads and engaging with the subject.  The initial campaign delivered by Enterprise Screen was launched across Central Scotland on Sunday 1 December.

Power of Attorney is a serious subject matter and presented itself as a challenge to the team to get the message out there as well as engage the audience with TV commercials, online and social media.

With Christmas approaching it was obvious at the very first creative meeting that families and friends coming together at Christmas is the ideal time to start an important conversation like this.  The team made it their priority to bring a campaign to the screens on the run up to Christmas and targeted 3 specific commercials to deliver the message. 

The TV commercials were produced with each having its own format and style but with a connecting ‘family’ theme running through them all.  Real life families were used to create the heartfelt campaign and make PoA ‘real’ and ‘personal’.

You can view all of the commercials on the power of attorney website or see our broadcast section for more information.

Ad 1- Christmas theme with married Johnny and Maureen Beattie

This Ad was expected to have wide appeal within the older audience bracket but also within the ‘River City’ audience who would recognise Johnny Beattie. The sentimental tone of the ad specifically addressed the need to consider PoA ‘for while I’m still here’ as opposed to a Will.

Ad 2 - General theme with brothers Sanjeev and Hardeep Singh Kohli

 This TV commercial targeted a wide demographic.  A fun and more youthful approach provided a memorable and quirky introduction to the concept.  It highlighted the use of PoA outwith the usual parental/spousal assumptions.

Ad 3 – Informative ad with general family theme

This commercial introduced specific information about PoA and reiterated key points from the other two ads.

The 3rd ad was also developed further with an updated Voice Over part to target a new demographic in the spring campaign.  All of these broadcast advertisements combined with a targeted youtube campaign to deliver more clicks to the site and increase awareness of the subject.  A sucessful campaign that continues to grow will be making a return later in Summer 2014. 

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