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Hard hitting messages in accessible films

25MarHard hitting messages in accessible films

Mind Games- Mental Health in Professional Football

When PFA Scotland approached Enterprise Screen to develop a film to inform and educate their members on mental health, we knew there was great potential to make something with impact and with a wide-ranging audience.

The film stands as more than a simple corporate or information piece- it combines narrative, presented sequences as well as a dramatic and cinematic visuals combining to give audiences a reason to stay engaged. This was helped by the use of superbly emotive and atmospheric music provided by Scottish band, Mogwai. Above everything, the testimony from well-known professionals in the game delivers the real message about the mental health in the Scottish game.

When designing the shape of this film we were very much led by the narratives of the individuals that gave their experience in open and frank interview. Taking their lead and allowing the film to develop around this provided a simple way to bring the message to a specific football audience and beyond. Our objective always remains with the narrative- helping the story evolve with the audience, leading them into the subject and presenting them with the information they need.

Working in close partnership with Jack Ross at the PFA, we sought to create a film piece that allowed the PFA to present solutions as well as the scale of the problems. This was achieved with structured pieces to camera presented by Jack as well as Voice Over developed once the narrative was in place.

While the mainstream press interest is predictably directed to the most well-known of contributors, it was the collective message that stood strongest- they were all aware of how difficult mental health was to speak about and the pressures within and outwith the game made this harder still. A brave and honest insight into the lives of these professionals presents a very strong film and demonstrates further that in creating video of any sort, content reigns supreme- you must have a compelling narrative and a story to tell.

We are proud of our work with PFA Scotland and SAMH to bring this film to a wide audience and look forward to seeing it continue to make an impact with a wide range of audiences.

You can view the film on the PFA Website.

Press coverage has been wide including features on all of the main TV channels- BBC, STV and Sky Sports.

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