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Staff Profile- Ewan Fletcher Digital Filmmaker

19FebStaff Profile- Ewan Fletcher Digital Filmmaker

Conscientious, Methodical, Tenacious

If you needed to define Ewan with one word, you couldn't.  Thankfully we don't have to and so several will have to be used.  His highly-developed skills across film production areas are balanced by his academic and intellectual brain- reasoning every decision like a classical scholar, even when it comes to deciding which soup to have for lunch. 

His background in History is always useful for an anecdote or two between rendering processes.  If you have the good fortune to have Ewan running camera or lighting on one of your shoots, you will be entertained by his fortitude, unflappable nature in the face of adversity and his quiet disdain at over-complicated processes.

A skilled editor with a passion for learning new tricks, Ewan is committed to bringing a creative flair to motion graphics and video sequences.  He has a very keen eye for detail and is always a shrewd commentator on narrative and film structure.  Above all, Ewan is creative and brings a dynamic combination of organisation and flair to projects from the outset.  

If you see him, remember to ask him about his Gherkin soup...



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