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Advertising Agency, Glasgow: a creative family of professionals.

27NovAdvertising Agency, Glasgow: a creative family of professionals.

He aint heavy-.Advertising in Scotland at its best!

Its a family affair here at Enterprise Screen and brothers in arms Jamie and Brendan Smith really bring the power of love (too much?) to their professional video production. After years of developing great video content (online, broadcast and DVD) for a host of clients the company now provides creative and targeted campaigns as a fully operational, creative advertising agency based in Glasgow but offering our service to the world.

In the past few weeks the focus of "family" has been firmly in the mind of all staff at Enterprise Screen as we deliver the Power of Attorney campaign for the NHS and Glasgow City Council (GCC). A serious subject indeed and it presented a number of exciting opportunities for the team. Our challenge was to get the message out there as well as to engage the audience with TV commercials, online and social media.

From the first meeting with the NHS and GCC, both brothers were clear on how to get people to start the conversation and bringing a campaign to the big (and computer) screen in the build up to Christmas was a real priority.

Jamie recalls the first creative meeting with the client:

"It was staring right at us: families and friends coming together at Christmas is the ideal time to start an important conversation like this. We knew the campaign was targeting this objective at the heart- not actually selling the legal consultations- but really increasing awareness and getting people to talk to each other".

Brendan agreed that using real families and relatives would give the audience a more poignant introduction to a difficult subject matter. "We wanted it to be personal, emotionally engaging and also memorable- the Christmas campaigns are very competitive and we all know so many of the biggest budgets of the advertising year come out with the Christmas slots." After a series of creative development sessions, the final structure of the campaign was successfully pitched to the client and production got underway.

The campaign centres around three, targeted TV commercials to be screened in the first week of December on STV and into the New Year. A reasonably high-impact campaign (predicting 114 TVRs for the geeks out there) has been planned with online and social media supporting the objectives. Each commercial has its own format and style with a connecting theme running through them all.

Perhaps most interesting was the addition of another pairing of brothers- Sanjeev and Hardeep Singh Kohli were early adopters of the idea and became a key part of the campaign citing their own experiences with Power of Attorney. Family and the future are two important aspects of their lives and they have already made their Power of Attorney plans with each other. Their light-hearted day out commercial develops the idea that while it is an important conversation, talking about Power of Attorney can really start anywhere.

The Kohlis, Smiths and the fantastic creative team at Enterprise Screen combined to produce a really fun and simple piece of advertising that develops the start the conversation concept for the audience. Not a sign of sibling rivalry (ok, maybe a little) and superb, imaginative input from everyone brought an inspiring working environment-not to mention that a day at the crazy golf was undertaken with unusually blue-sky weather!

Hardeeps experience both in front of and behind the camera was well used and appreciated.

"What an excellent days work. Makes me very proud to see such a high level of craft and creativity in Scotland.", Hardeep Sing Kohli

The creative team have great plans for the coming months with other advertising projects already on the horizon. Jamie summed it up: "2014 is going to be a really important year for everyone in Scotland and there are so many businesses, organisations and individuals that will be making their mark. We want to help people realise their potential with great advertising, marketing and campaigns. A great end to 2013 is the Start the Conversation campaign and thats just the beginning".

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