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Staff Profile- Brendan Smith, Director

06AugStaff Profile- Brendan Smith, Director

Creative Director

Imaginative, Inspiring, Committed

Brendan has a way with people and cameras, which is just as well as he has to work with them a lot.  As our main in-house Creative Director, Brendan takes the vision of the client and makes it reality on screen.  His work can be seen in every aspect of Enterprise Screen- from mainstream broadcast commercials to corporate films and drama productions- but he is also a main driver of our goal to improve all of the time- equipment, training, skills, techniques... interior design. 

He has been called a "wizard" while at work- conjuring shots from places only bearded ones with staffs can dare to tread.  He works tirelessly to find the right blend of music, light and magic and keeps the narrative storytelling at the heart of everything we do. 

As a founding member of the Enterprise Screen team his experience is vast in producing the complete range of products on offer- video production is always front and centre and he is committed to achieving objectives for our clients.  


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