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NHS Case Studies Video: Emotion Matters

08MayNHS Case Studies Video: Emotion Matters

When it comes to NHS Scotland Video Case Studies: Emotion Matters

As the NHS continues to embrace modern technology to deliver training and education for staff as well as patients, video is becoming an increasingly advantageous tool: opening up new learning opportunities, helping patients, professionals and family members to share their experiences to build a better National Health Service.

Over the past 3 months, Enterprise Screen has worked with a range of professionals from the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) to deliver some insightful and personal case studies. In partnership with The Long-term Conditions Alliance, these films have brought the detailed journey of several patients into an engaging, easy-to-view and accessible format.

Director, Jamie Smith has a distinct approach to the process of helping people tell their stories:

"They key focus for us is to help individuals to articulate the points they want to make and at the same time, feel ownership and involvement in the film-making process. This means that they are comfortable with the conversation, happy in their environment and above all, feel confident to share their often difficult stories with our crew and ultimately, our audiences."

Enterprise Screen worked closely with health professionals to build a volume of research with individuals- this allowed interviews to be relaxed, insightful but always tailored to assisting their narrative to make a difference.

"Our participants are not just sharing their stories for their own benefit- many of them are acutely aware that by helping health and policy professionals to understand their particular case, they can influence the experience of others. They are vital to changing how education is delivered to the NHS- personal, professional and engaging."

The Emotion Matters series completes a detailed and informative education resource for NES and the case studies are a powerful part of the learning for professionals.

Enterprise Screen works with organisations of all sizes to develop effective and educational case studies. For further information on how this process can be adapted to help your staff, contact one of our producers now.


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