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Make a corporate video- the light is right!

26AprMake a corporate video- the light is right!

Scotland on video- the new light of the new season

As the clocks changed heralding the start of British Summer Time (BST), is it coincidence that things begin to look brighter?

We have had a long winter and at Enterprise Screen this has meant managing the weather, the filming and the horrendous cold. For our clients, we have carefully managed the snow on the ground, the bare foliag, frosted windows, pouring rain and floods, storm-force gales and freezing interviewees to minimise the impact of their video being winterised (spell check apparently says that is in fact a real word!).

The winter does have an impact on our work- when visuals are the key to telling a story, snow and ice and grey can dramatically change the picture. If you are looking to see something set in deepest winter or something related to that kind of meteorological context, fine, but normally, it has a particularly negative effect on-screen. Over the past 8 years, we have used our experience to be able to react to the weather to deliver the best results. Its not something you can write the rules for- it really is just down to experience, initiative and planning.

As April moves steadily on into May, we find that so many companies move out of a self-imposed hibernation over the winter months and really start to look at how they can develop their online presence and video is more popular than ever for giving customers and clients an understanding of your business. For us, its not only about the new business that Spring has sprung- its about the new challenges of the light, the weather and the visuals that can help build the most engaging and dramatic picture. Already we have seen some stunning days with that characteristic, Scottish blue sky, dappled with the cotton-wool clouds: adding light and perspective to town and country alike.

Scotland is not known for being consistent with the weather but nonetheless, we use every opportunity to help make your business look right, whatever the weather. The reality is, sunshine sells-unless youre in the umbrella business! Im sure we all notice the change to how we dress, how we feel, how we behave- once the sun starts shining, Scotland starts to feel a bit better. Its the right time to get out and make your mark for the coming year- whether its a campaign in health or society, a product launch, a refreshed website-the list goes on. Now is the time to start planning your video for the coming year-were even planning it for ourselves!

As always, our experienced team of videographers are on hand to discuss any of your ideas, even if you just want to talk through how you can make video part of your company, contact us and let us know how we can help.


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