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Website video production Scotland: web video marketing

08AprWebsite video production Scotland: web video marketing

Shot in the Trossachs!

(That never seems to get old-alright, maybe a little).

Enterprise Screen spent a remarkable day at some of Scotlands most outstanding locations this week and collected a great range of visuals for the upcoming Forestry Commission Scotland video series. The films will help deliver key objectives for the brand expansion and audience awareness within the specific target group of the Forestry Commission. Website video is a great tool to bring your customers to your site. The key to this was not to simply advertise the work of FC Scotland, but to give their audience something useful, interesting and worth engaging with.

The learning experience is always something to enjoy when delivering a new film project. In this short article, our Director, Brendan Smith outlines his experience of film-making in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

Working within the national park was a great privilege and we were delighted to have key, expert personnel as our guides throughout the park. The subjects and topics covered in this series are as varied as the forest itself- the diverse flora and fauna as well as locations high and low. Working our way through winding forest tracks; up steep inclines and out onto ridges high above the lochs brought a sense of freedom to our filming- clear air and clear skies, views that are breath-taking.

Perhaps one of the most fantastic parts of our work is not only seeing amazing locations and meeting interesting people but learning about a vast range of topics that come our way. We often remark to friends and family that in creating our films, we can become absorbed in content and find ourselves reading more in our own time- never experts but more informed assistants. This is part of our reward- as naturally inqusitive and keen to learn, it is a joy to find new subjects to explore or find more detail.

Today the ongoing debate surrounding the impacts of and planning for "Climate Change" was most definitely part of our learning experience- the impact on our forests and how this has to be planned for as far in advance as possible is a process that is vital to all of us. This process brings together so many disciplines- complex mathematical models combine with systematic, biological studies and are then interpreted by team of forestry professionals to find the tools and resources to make things work in the present and the learning and development that will formulate our response for the climate 50-60 years in the future.

We have learned today that our forests are intrinsic to our modern world- not just part of the rural landscape but an essential and valuable resource. "Envornmental Value" was a term we had begun to become familiar with from recent media articles- by seeing how the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park fits into so many of our lives, we appreciated this value more than ever.

The Forestry Commision have a series of films that are aimed at professionals but also the general public and have a superb range of tools for the seasoned forester and interested amateur. Visit for further information and keep a watch for our films in the coming weeks.


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