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Making Video work for you

28JanMaking Video work for you

With over 14 years of experience delivering video to companies throughout the country, Creative Director, Jamie Smith outlines how developing video can be simple, fast and effective.

In 1996 I was making video with various professional tools- it sometimes involved very basic cameras and edit suites but where possible, we tried to use the best equipment available to us at the time. Needless to say, and this is no exaggeration, the phone you have in your pocket is more capable of video production (in the right hands) than some of the systems we had to fight with! The final handover of the product was ultimately an actual video-cassette, a VHS. Quite unbelievable! There may even be some people reading this that dont know what a VHS is! So, feeling old now.

When it comes to working with our clients these days, we know that we can deliver professional video in a fast timescale with a cost-efficient, participatory process. Digital video is evolving constantly- we are always trying to keep up with new innovation, new techniques and new software but that does not always guarantee a great product. Where we concentrate our efforts is getting to know the company and the product/service we are working with. This is the key to getting video to bring results and engage your audience.

Some film-makers may offer you all of the production processes imaginable- cranes, track, gizmos and gadgets, animated graphics and every kind of sound effect. Each of them has a place but it simply cannot make up for understanding what you need your message to be and to do this, we need to know you, your company and your product or service. This is how we can make video work for you and our current clients understand that this is one of our key strengths.

Listening to our clients

Our range of products is diverse- as is the client base and the sectors they operate in. What is demonstrated in our delivery is that we listen to our clients and then use our experience and expertise to help them get the product that works for them. We always seek to add value to the process and include client ideas, input and creative vision- sometimes this requires altering the final output, perhaps splitting a film into separate clips to view online or adding a narrative with graphics and voice over.

In recent weeks we have demonstrated this ability but also how this can really be simple, fast and effective. A great example is the Adam Smith: Panmure House Restoration project. Part 1 of this is available to view in this piece, the updates are underway now and continue to grow the content for this ambitious and impressive project.

Fast delivery keeping the quality high

The first call was received on a Friday in late December. Our first meeting on the following Monday; filming on the Tuesday and the final film provided directly to the client at an event in San Diego, USA, the following Friday. 2 weeks from initial contact to completed product. Chris Watkins, Development Director of the Panmure House renovation continues to work with us to develop new content. Chris is constantly aware of the need to bring new content to a wide range of audiences.

So, it really is possible. The key is understanding your project or product and this is where we excel and our staff work hard to achieve results. We want to make video work for you and by building this understanding, we can deliver the results you are looking for.

You can view the first part of the Adam Smith: Panmure House film below.


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