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Staff Profile- Nicole Wallace

06NovStaff Profile- Nicole Wallace

Nicole Wallace- Office Coordinator

Punctual, Efficient and Punctual

At the heart of every business is a skilled, multi-tasking juggler that can keep plates spinning and the traffic moving at all times, with minimum breakages and interruptions to service. This is Nicole Wallace.

Discovered as part of an Enterprise Screen documentary series (*pilot) finding people with surnames that suggest they have a particular skill and then following them as we test that skill to the extreme, Nicole was employed after the wall she was attempting to build did not function as we had hoped.

Her skills with brickwork have been left unexplored (for the time-being) and she can now be found concentrating on keeping our systems, procedures and administration in complete order. Invoicing, estimates, outlines, schedules-the list is endless- She also hates lateness!


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