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South Lanarkshire Business- where are you?

22OctSouth Lanarkshire Business- where are you?

South Lanarkshire Business and locations to feature in online video

Do you live and work in South Lanarkshire? Do you have a business? Do you run an organisation? Positive local businesses can be part of celebration of South Lanarkshire.

Enterprise Screen is undertaking a project to showcase some of the best businesses, organisations and locations that South Lanarkshire has to offer and we would like to hear from you if we could drop in for 5 minutes this coming Thursday (25th October 2012).

We want to be able to show the best, brightest and most interesting and you can give us your ideas: a great high-street baker; the friendly local bar; the innovative design company; the packed learning group; a super golf course; a technology expert...the list is as long as you like.

We only have 1 day on location so we need to be quick. We can travel within South Lanarkshire and hopefully feature you in this short film.

You can email us by contacting us on the website, tweet or facebook!

Thanks for your help.

Enterprise Screen production team.


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