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Charity and third-sector Communication- Charity Video Specialists

05SepCharity and third-sector Communication- Charity Video Specialists

Charity and Third-Sector Communication- Video for impact

Enterprise Screen partnerships bring success and support.

For the past 6 years, Enterprise Screen has worked to deliver a range of high-impact multi-media projects for charities and third-sector organisations. Where possible, we have developed key working partnerships in order to allow this financially focused sector to benefit as much as possible from their investment in products from our portfolio of media opportunities.

Mr. Jay Smith, Enterprise Screen Chairman has a keen understanding of this sector and offers this experience as a key benefit to our clients:

"We understand that this sector requires a particular approach and level of understanding of what they want to achieve. This is not simply a matter of budgets, but a holistic approach to film-making and multi-media projects. We work hard to understand the aims and objectives and are very conscious of some of the sensitivities in bringing the stories of clients and participants into focus in a more public arena. Our current clients recognise that Enterprise Screen staff have a wonderful ability to bring the essence of their work to life"

Jay has worked within dual career paths for much of his life- balancing the creative arts and broadcasting with economic and social development. His work is a founding feature of the way the company continues to develop in this sector.

"Over the years I have been both a purchaser and developer of media content for a range of organisations and this has given me a unique insight into how we can maximise value for money, while at the same time delivering a quality product.

There is an old teaching truism that illustrates the objective in media development;

I hear - I forget

I see - I remember

I do - I understand

The key to this has to be with our systems for maximising what can be achieved within timescales and project scopes. A simple example of this is in our delivery of products for Alzheimer Scotland over the past 18 months. Not only have they covered events and awards but they have highlighted key projects illustrating the challenges they face. We have now had the chance to broaden their understanding of how online video can bring them further interest, exposure and engagement and we are proud to be taking the message to a global audience."

Kirsty Yanik, Alzheimer Scotlands Communications Manager has enjoyed the development of the partnership approach and has seen a real impact in the work they do:

We have become conscious of the need for continued dynamic engagement with a wider audience. We know that people find video accessible, easy to learn from and it\s a great tool for us to use across all of our objectives. The partnership with Enterprise Screen has not only provided us with the opportunity to capture and disseminate information on our projects but it has also brought a creative support that we are really starting to see a return from. We have plans for more and more content for online but also for audiences at events and learning sessions.

Our client list includes charities and third-sector projects of all sizes and with far-reaching objectives and interests. We look forward to continuing to build relationships in this sector and supporting further engagement and understanding.

One of the films made for Alzheimer Scotland is below. You can find out more about their work by visiting


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