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Website Video Production Scotland- creative online video

04SepWebsite Video Production Scotland- creative online video

Website Video Production Scotland- creative online video

Using video on your website can bring more than just a moving image- it can deliver results.

Everyone loves video- it can entertain, inform, engage and ultimately give your audience more in a short space of time. Weve been familiar with all kinds of video for years- remember the fun we used to have setting the VHS planner (long-play) using the TV Times and a 4 hour TDK? Perhaps enjoying a browse down at Ritz-a bottle of Cinzano Bianco on chill- Things have moved on a little and now everyone (almost everyone) expects video to feature on every website. Why would you not?

Enterprise Screen continues to deliver with online video for clients of all sizes. Creating short, advertising features; longer product overviews and the in-between service and company introduction. We dont just make them (with our cameras and mics)- we work with the creative team to visualise the film, find out what your message needs to be, craft the narrative and help to break it into the pieces to distribute most effectively on your website and beyond. It doesnt always just come out as one big video on the homepage: were here to help!

Our partnerships extend far and wide- using youtube and vimeo is just the start. We have invested in our own version of the player- making sure that public sector audiences (inside NHS, Local Authority, Schools etc) can still access your video (providing its suitable!). We are setup for embedding direct to facebook- to play within the timeline. We know how to build your video content to expand your Search Engine Optimisation. Ultimately, we want your video to work for you!

If you think you would like to have some video on your website- give us a call and let us get to know your idea. Simple, cost-effective and with all the imagination you like.

Contact us now and lets get started.

See what website and online video can do for you:


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