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Camera Operator Scotland- experienced, professional

07AugCamera Operator Scotland- experienced, professional

Camera Operator, Cameraman, Scotland, Glasgow

Are you looking for a superb, professional camera operator in Scotland? Enterprise Screen offers first-class crew services at amazing prices.

Our camera operators know their business. They know the kit, the shots and understand that your vision and passion is our priority. As a professional production company that has created thousands of hours of professional video, we know how important your camera operator is. We also know how easy it is to tell people how great you are-weve had the same problem ourselves with inexperienced and unimaginative camera operators telling us they can deliver! It seems these days that everyone can buy a DSLR and call themselves a camera operator!

We want you to give us the opportunity to show you what we can do, give you a cost that is affordable and deliver the results you and your client expect.

Contact us now and tell us about your project.

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