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Conference and Event Filming- Conference Video

06JulConference and Event Filming- Conference Video

Video for Conferences and Live Events

We love online video, no question, but it appears that the world loves online video too! Channels are appearing everywhere with companies, individuals and organisations developing global audiences for their content. Whether it\s something for amusement on Youtube, a beautiful music video on Vimeo or something more \educational\ with a TED Talk we all get more with video. That\s good for us....but we want it to be great for you.

Over the past 5 years we have been evolving the use of video to cover live events and conferences. This has seen fantastic live theatre events brought to a small screen with trailers and behind the scenes interviews and features. It has allowed key speakers at conferences and events to give insight beyond their presentation. It has given longevity to one-off events- providing learning, engagment and promotion with webinars, mini-features and lectures.

Making video work with your conference or event is a key objective for us. Even simple \lecture\ style pieces can be given some design processes to make them more engaging and interesting to view. We always work with our clients to help deliver the most creative and appropriate final products. In addition to this, we have delivered products to be used in advance of a conference or event- promoting participation, stimulating debate and discussion and often just keeping the audience entertained and on-message during the day.

We would always recommend working with a minimum of 2 cameras as this will give your final piece a more dynamic and professional finish. Our coverage can however deliver multiple cameras and multiple crews to ensure workshops, break-out sessions and other concurrent activities are not missed.

Subject areas are as diverse as could be imagined- our staff have enjoyed their learning and participation in events covering serious health and medical sciences; world-leading innovation and design; computing and technology; housing and social issues; learning and education; arts and performance; development and infrastructure....not to mention the odd cat-walk parade!

If you want to add more to your event then let us know and we will work on how we can help. Have a quick look at our conferences and events video showcase for more ideas.

Some options: Webinar, Online Video Lectures, Training and Education Videos, Vox Pops and Audience Feedback, Policy Launches


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