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Staff Profile- Jamie Smith

02JulStaff Profile- Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith- Executive Director

Experienced, Professional, Creative

As a founding partner of Enterprise Screen, Jamie is responsible for steering and driving the company forward with new products and services while ensuring that our video matches the objectives of our clients.  

Over the past 10 years, Jamie has delivered world-leading content for clients with a global reach.  This has included diverse communications and advertising projects with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 brands.  The role of Executive Director allows Jamie to use his vast experience to help clients to realise their projects as successful, working films- delivering exactly what they need and bringing the product they have visualised into a polished and impressive film or interactive medium. He has managed large-scale interactive projects combining video, programming and design as well as delivering complex advertising campaigns with measured and analysed results. He has a real talent for knowing how to develop an idea for people and organisations to engage their audience.

As a Video Communications consultant his experience is invaluable to our clients- developing video projects from the first idea generation through to realising the final structure.  He is as comfortable in the boardrooms in North America as he is in the fields and vineyards of Southern France (albeit with a hat on and sunscreen in gallons!). 

When given the chance, Jamie is a great interviewer- his passion for subjects can be easily ignited and our clients are always intrigued at how easily his interest is sparked with their product, service or project. His role allows him to work across the complete production process and he is equally comfortable in meetings with executive boards as he is on a hillside, in snow, with cattle (although not so often these days!).


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