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Videography: Staff Profile, Fraser Denholm

12JunVideography: Staff Profile, Fraser Denholm

Fraser Denholm: making video for Enterprise Screen
Fraser has been making films since before his hair was long, generally around Aberdeen and other harboured areas of Scotland. He came to Enterprise Screen by finding that the arts coverage was second to none- something he has a particular passion and (sometimes alarming) interest in.
His own films cover wide subject areas such as Dancing, Graffiti and Moving to Music while spraying paint.
"I\ve always been creative and it\s been amazing to see how other creative people style their hair, jackets and shoes. Enterprise Screen is a natural place for me to expand my creative future- I love to direct, design, draw and discuss anything that can help our films make people sit up and take notice."
Videography is a word that is relatively new to Enterprise Screen but the real embodiment of a videographer is Fraser Denholm- he creates, shoots, directs, cuts...delivers. He can also act and cycle really good.
You can find more of Fraser\s own work by visiting his site here.


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